An incredible hunger to learn and teach others has led Ken successfully through five different professional careers in the past 25 years. Currently he is an international speaker, author and sales trainer as well as CEO and Founder of Next Century Publishing and Readers Legacy Inc., a fast moving new-age publishing company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. As an advocate and blogger to the publishing and book-writing industries, Ken has committed himself to providing, all those whose lives revolve around books, with truly unbiased opinions in this market.
Ken has authored 4 books in the writing and selling space. His newest release, The Greatest Prospector, is a parable used to impart the sales training lessons Ken has learned over his lifetime. With the success of earning tens of millions of dollars in sales, and previously selling over 200,000 copies of his books internationally, Ken Dunn is a leader and example of true success in sales for the modern world.
Today, Ken regularly speaks to groups in the direct sales, mortgage, insurance and banking industries. Ken lives in Toronto, Canada, with his wife, Julie, and children Matthew and Laura.

  • 6 Secrets to Success in Selling
  • Learning to Lead Yourself – Before You Lead Others
  • Vision Casting: The Secret that ALL Great Leaders Know
  • Seasons Change - Perfect for corporations undergoing infrastructure or organizational changes
  • Being an Inspiration Leader – Ken uses examples from the Greatest Leaders in History to paint a picture for success

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